Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with local talent and up and coming model “Jasmin BADDAZZ”. Below is our interview, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did and make sure you check out more of this 26 year old Cuban / Columbian Mami at

FB fan page:
Twitter: @jasminbaddazz
Instagram: @jasminbaddazz

The Coach: So Jasmin, how have you been?

Jasmin BadAzz: Better than ever!

The Coach: Glad to hear everything’s good with you, you look great. I read on twitter that you’re working on getting your website up, tell me a little about that?

Jasmin BadAzz: Yes, my site will launch in about 2 weeks or so. Let’s just say my site will be BADDAZZ and nothing less! Let’s keep you in suspense … haha.

The Coach: LOL, can’t wait to see it. How did you get into modeling and how long have you been modeling?

Jasmin BadAzz: This is something I’ve been naturally doing my entire life and it has always chased me and I always managed to get away from it until now and it’s become my passion.

The Coach: Well, I think I speak for men everywhere when I say that we’re happy you FINALLY gave in to modeling. Do you enjoy what you do? Why? What is the best thing about it?

Jasmin BadAzz: I love what I do and it comes natural and best of all I want to inspire the world every day. I love to put on a show and just be me it’s all I know.

The Coach: NICE! What, if any, are the biggest inconveniences of being in your profession?

Jasmin BadAzz: Let’s just say it’s a Garden of Eden out there and BADDAZZ is here to save the day, lol.

The Coach: Love the whole BadAzz persona; do you have role models in the industry? Who?

Jasmin BadAzz: Marilyn Monroe, although she isn’t with us anymore her words still inspire people every day including myself and of course Pamela Anderson I love her and always will.

The Coach: How was your first modeling experience?

Jasmin BadAzz: BADDAZZ haha.

The Coach: Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of models say that, they are their own managers and that they really don’t need a manager. Do you think it’s important or necessary to have a “manager” or “agent” in your line of work?

Jasmin BadAzz: Yes, I think it’s extremely important because there are a lot of unnecessary things that can throw a model off and it’s important to keep her at a positive level.

The Coach: Well said. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned while being in the modeling game?

Jasmin BadAzz: Eat or be eaten!!

The Coach: Love it! Any tips or advice for the girls looking to get in to the modeling game?

Jasmin BadAzz: It takes more than a hot chic to be a model. You have to be born and built for this, takes a negative and a positive to work a battery. Remember that!! So be prepared for both negative and positive. Keep pushing and never stop believing!!

The Coach: “It takes more than a hot chic to be a model” You hit the nail on the head with that one. You know your stuff. I just have a few more fun questions before we wrap this up:

The Coach: What do you think about strip clubs?

Jasmin BadAzz: BADDAZZ!! …… need I say more?!

The Coach: A girl that’s a fan of strip clubs is a plus, what’s your favorite strip club?

Jasmin BadAzz: Scarlett’s Cabaret (Hallandale Beach, FL) all the wayyyy!

The Coach: Where can I get a pair of those BadAzz glasses I’ve been seeing everyone wearing?

Jasmin BadAzz: For now, you can purchase the glasses through pay pal ( until the site is up.

The Coach: Personal items like (clothes, car, etc.) you can’t live without?

Jasmin BadAzz: My IPhone lol.

The Coach: Type of food you can’t live without.

Jasmin BadAzz: Pepsi! My drug! My only addiction in life, lol.

The Coach: I feel your pain; I too am addicted to Pepsi. What type of guy piques your interest?

Jasmin BadAzz: All kinds. I’m very open minded, I can go from a Dwayne Wade/ Reggie Bush to Edward and Jacob from twilight.

The Coach: LMFAO! What are your turn ons?

Jasmin BadAzz: Hmmmn, I have so many! A major turn on for me is a “Man” who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Coach: I hope you’re taking notes guys. What are your turn offs?

Jasmin BadAzz: Cigarette’s.

The Coach: What’s your ideal/concept of MR.BADDAZZ ?

Jasmin BadAzz: Holds and protects his women with one arm and shoots with the other.

The Coach: So a bad boy is what you’re after, huh? Lol. Does your boyfriend get jealous?

Jasmin BadAzz: Of course.

The Coach: So you have a Boyfriend?! Men everywhere are going to be devastated by this news, lol. What’s your Favorite Song to dance to fresh out of the shower?

Jasmin BadAzz: “Let’s go” Calvin Harris Feat. Neyo.

The Coach: Favorite quote?

Jasmin BadAzz: Fuc* you pay me!

The Coach: Love it! Thank you very much Jasmin for taking time out of your schedule to do this interview with me it’s truly been a pleasure.

Jasmin BadAzz: The pleasure is all mine, you are a trip, lol.

The Coach: Glad you had fun, is there anything else you would like to tell the readers and your fans before we wrap this up?

Jasmin BadAzz: Yes, I’d like to thank my fans and supporters for always believing in me <3 You guys are the best! And remember to check me out on FB, Twitter and Instagram and to check out my website it’s going to be BadAzz!
Once again I’d like to thank my guest Jasmin BadAzz for taking time out of her schedule to do this interview with me. I hope you guys enjoyed the interview and the pictures of Jasmin’s BadAzz and I’d also like to thank my readers and followers for their ongoing support. Till next time in the words of Miss BadAzz herself “Eat or be Eaten”
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